Dude, is my css working?

This is h2.

This is h3.

This is h4.

Is there an h5?

This is a test. I'm trying to learn how to make a box with css rather than table formatting. Did it work? I'm curious. I'm thinking div, and I don't know what this tag "pre" means at all. We'll see.

Testing another box, what will it look like? Will it be next to the first box, or below and over? Did I pick the purpley colors right? fadjk;as;dlf kjas;dflkjasd; lfkjasd;fl kjasdf;lkjasdf; lkjasdf;lkjasdf; lkjasdf;lkjasdfl;kjasdf;lkjas df;lkjasdf;lkjasdf;lkjasdf l;kjasdf;lkjasdf as;dl fkjasd ;fljasdf as;dlfkja sd;lfkj asdf; lkajsdf;lkaj sdf;lakjsdf ;laskdjf a;lsidfj
Here's another box, similar, yet the text should be aligning left rather than right, like the box above. Another difference is I didn't use the paragraph tag in this box, so the text style is different because of style rules for paragraphs in the style sheet.
boxyboxy box of boxes

This box has a link in it, we'll see how that functions.