David Darling
The Tao Of Cello

    Category: classical
Genre: Classical
Track listing:
1.   Restraint Begins With Giving Up One's Own Ideas  2:42
2.   Man Follows The Earth  3:14
3.   When Men Lack A Sense Of Awe, There Will Be A Disaster  2:22
4.   The Tao Of Heaven Is To Take From Those Who Have Too Much And Give To Those Who Have Too Little  3:49
5.   Man Follows The Earth. Earth Follows Heaven. Heaven Follows The Tao. Tao Follows What Is Natural  2:03
6.   Knowing Others Is Wisdom  4:29
7.   The Further You Go, The Less You Know  1:55
8.   It Is Not Wise To Rush About  1:46
9.   Returning Is The Motion Of The Tao  3:03
10.   See Simplicity In The Complicated  2:27
11.   In Dealing With Others, Be Gentle And Kind  2:05
12.   He Who Is Filled With Virtue Is Like A Newborn Child  2:05
13.   Yield And Overcome  1:54
14.   What Is Firmly Grasped Cannot Slip Away  2:26
15.   Tao Follows The Earth  2:35
16.   Becaome As A Child Once More  2:10
17.   Sometimes One Is Up And Sometimes Down  2:41
18.   Just Do What Needs To Be Done  4:10
19.   That Is Why A Victory Must Be Observed Like A Funeral  1:25
20.   All Men Will Come To Him Who Keeps To The One  2:51
21.   The Valley Spirit Never Dies  2:22
22.   Heaven And Earth Last Forever (Improvisation On Bach Suite II, Praeluium)  2:22
Total time:  57:09
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